Chatham Day School (CDS) offers an ambitious program that promotes intellectual achievement and emotional growth in a diverse and nurturing environment, where students learn in small classes and can take advantage of its sprawling 15-acre campus. The school celebrates and values each child as a unique learner with extraordinary potential.


CDS is committed to keeping class sizes small, with a maximum of 14 students per class, to allow educators to provide differentiated teaching strategies and personalized attention.

“We will never sacrifice on the size of our classes,” says Head of School David Buffum. “We feel very strongly about holding to that philosophy, as the small classes are what allows the teachers to fully realize our personalized mission.”

The school offers an array of extra-curricular activities, including theater, basketball, cross-country, chess and robotics. At CDS, every student is known, valued and celebrated, and the school is dedicated to fostering interests and encouraging meaningful relationships.

“Parents appreciate the frequent communication from teachers and the personalized approach from the ‘institution’—we always put that in quotes because we prefer to handle most issues relationally and not institutionally,” Buffum says.


As students push themselves outside of their comfort zones and into the spotlight, from classroom presentations to participation in the spring musical, teachers and fellow students reward this bravery. In turn, students reach higher and further than they ever thought possible.

“We are proud of our teachers for being such good communicators, and proud of our students for rewarding bravery in one another,” Buffum says.

At CDS, teachers encourage self-advocacy and leadership from even the youngest grades, whether it’s an eighth-grader assisting a kindergartner in reading a new book or a pair of third-graders assisting younger students with a science experiment.

“Teachers are ubiquitous in all areas, and our administrators know each student and family member by name,” Buffum says. “We have school events like everyone else, but it is in the aggregate of interactions that a community is truly made.”

700 Shunpike Rd., Chatham