Harry Potter fan or not, if you’ve ever heard John Williams’ score for the films you need to hear this. “Hedwig’s Theme” sounds enchanting and chilling all at once in the video below of GlassDuo, a Polish glass music group, playing the song on glass goblets.

Using glass as an instrument may sound eccentric at first, this practice dates back to 1700s when an Irish musician created a glass harp that he played with wooden sticks. GlassDuo does it differently, running their wet fingers around the glass’s rim. The glasses are filled with varying amounts of water, resulting in different pitches when they’re played.

The duo consists of Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec, who are famous for building the world’s largest known glass harp by hand. The structure was made of a whopping 2,000 glasses!

Their four hands master the five-octave scale to create a performance pleasing to both wizards and muggles alike.

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