Best Towns for Families

Best Town for Families 2019
Courtesy of Moorestown Township – Government Facebook page

When ranking the most family-friendly towns in NJ, we weighed factors like school quality, safety, affordability and diversity, among other things. Here are the 10 towns that topped our list in Burlington County in 2019:

  1. Moorestown
  2. New Hanover
  3. Chesterfield
  4. Mount Laurel
  5. Springfield
  6. Evesham
  7. Mansfield
  8. Medford Lakes Borough
  9. North Hanover
  10. Woodland

About Moorestown

Think open space and breathtaking historic homes just minutes from Philadelphia in Burlington County. Nature-loving kids will have a blast growing up here, thanks to the many parks, hiking trails and wildlife. Faves include Boundary Creek Natural Resource Area, a 34-acre park complete with bird watching opps and a butterfly garden, and Strawbridge Lake Park, a 70-acre property offering kayaking, canoeing and boat launches.

On the main drag, you’ll find businesses and cultural hubs alike, including the Moorestown Community House, the central town hub that’s been up since 1926. Featuring the famous ballroom, the House is home to indoor swim programs, the town library and various community events.

Quakers have a long history in Moorestown, too, as they built the town’s first two schools in 1785 hence the school’s sport teams are called The Quakers.

Best Towns for Families 2019


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