Edward P. Capozzi, Esq., Susan K. Dromsky-Reed, Esq., Stuart M. Gladstone, Esq., Jeremy L. Hylton, Esq. David J. Ritter, Esq., Sean A. Smith, Esq., Carl J. Soranno, Esq. 

Family Law/ Estate Planning/ Personal Injury/ Tax

L-R: (Back row) Edward P. Capozzi, Jeremy L. Hylton, Stuart M. Gladstone, Susan K. Dromsky-Reed, David J. Ritter, (front row) Sean A. Smith, Carl J. Soranno

Brach Eichler LLC is a leading multi-practice firm whose attorneys are recognized for their dedication to serving the legal needs of families, including plans for the care and financial security of children, marital formation or disruption and personal injury disputes and litigations. 

Stuart M. Gladstone and Susan K. Dromsky-Reed, co-chairs of the trusts and estates practice, ensure clients’ wishes are carried out in the future while David J. Ritter structures tax strategies. “It’s not easy to think about these issues, but your family must be protected,” explains Dromsky-Reed. “We help with wills and living wills, healthcare and financial powers of attorney, guardianship plans for your children and trustees over your assets.”

When considering marriage or facing the consequences of divorce, custody, guardianship or a trust dispute, Brach Eichler’s family law practice addresses these life changes on the family dynamics. Carl J. Soranno and Sean A. Smith, both certified mediators, skillfully provide award-winning counsel to families in need of effective solutions. “Each matter has differing priorities and challenges. We help our clients achieve their unique objectives,” says Soranno. 

Edward P. Capozzi and Jeremy L. Hylton help personal injury clients fight for full and fair compensation when injured through the careless actions of others. “We’re your support system, and our team’s compassion and expertise will deliver top quality results,” says Capozzi.



“Carl Soranno is a true expert in complex matrimonial matters. He is very strategic and intelligent. A real heavyweight in the family law field.” – J.S., Livingston

“Carl is not only a matrimonial attorney, but a highly skilled trial attorney in commercial litigation, bankruptcy, tax and other issues that may come into play during matrimonial and family matters. Moreover, he is very practical and looks to do the correct thing for the client. He genuinely cares and is a terrific guy.” – B.K., Flanders

“Carl truly cares about his clients and explains the process. He is tough when he needs to be and delivers exceptional results!” – L.M., Livingston

“My son got into a car accident and Mr. Hylton walked my family through the process from start to finish and got a great result for my son!” – A.A., Seattle

“My daughter was bitten by a dog and Jeremy worked extremely hard to fight for her.” – R.S., Seattle

“My family was in a horrific car accident with many medical needs. Throughout the whole process (years) Jeremy was personable yet professional at the same time. He truly made our lives much less stressful.” – P.C., Whippany

“Mr. Capozzi is smart, knowledgeable, responsive and really cares about his clients.” – J.S., Livingston

“Susan does stunning work and has great attention to detail.” – L.L., Short Hills

“Stuart is brilliant! He knows how to help – five star attorney! Professional and personable.” – S.K., Madison

“Stuart is very responsive and cares about his clients. Very knowledgeable in his field.” – J.R., Livingston

“I have been Sean’s client for 3 years. Sean is smart, thorough, responsive, prepared and pivots seamlessly on the fly. What sets Sean apart is his ability to humanize what can be the grueling experience for a client navigating through family law. I am so satisfied and proud to be his client. I have referred Sean to both friends and co-workers.” – A.T., Warren

“Sean is a true pro. He is smart, quick and very savvy. He knows his stuff and is very efficient.” – J.S., Livingston

“Sean Smith is smart, hard working and driven but what sets him apart is his empathy. Sean’s empathy allows him to view a case from a much broader lens which makes him lethal. Anyone can be hard working and smart but not everyone possesses the ability to be empathetic. I am proud to be his client and because of him I have utilized several service from his firm.”
– A.T., Warren


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