Jenny Berse, Esq., Samuel J. Berse, Esq.

Specialty: Family Law

Jenny Berse, Esq., and Samuel J. Berse, Esq.

Jenny and Sam Berse are dedicated to solving family law matters in courts throughout New Jersey. The firm handles cases involving married and non-married parties with issues including custody, parenting time, asset division, spousal and child support, modifications, pre-marital agreements, appeals, domestic violence and other family law matters.


“We fiercely advocate for our clients and think outside the box to come up with creative solutions and strategies to get them what they want,” says Jenny, who completed more than 600 continuing education classes and is trained in mediation and collaborative law. “Family law issues frequently cause or are accompanied by tremendous trauma or stress, so we’re there for our clients every step of the way.”

Jenny opened the firm 19 years ago and her son, Sam, joined in 2017 after completing coveted family court and appellate division clerkships. With an unrelenting determination and work ethic, Jenny is a tireless advocate for her clients.


Berse Law is devoted to helping clients resolve the challenges and issues inherent in all family law matters to ensure a successful future. The attorneys provide practical advice and aggressive representation to achieve clients’ goals.

Sam Berse brings a formidable depth of knowledge and skill to every case. Intertwining creativity and common sense, he counsels his clients with a realworld approach that positions them for success. “Navigating a tough situation requires an experienced guide, and we’re aware of how important it is for our clients to maintain their emotional and financial well-being now and in the future,” Sam says.

Clients choose Berse Law because of its excellent reputation for success in even the most challenging matters, including two recent victories in published, law-making cases. Berse Law works not just for their clients, but with their clients.

Backed by exceptional skills, professionalism and dedication, they stop at nothing to achieve the best possible results.


217 Elmer St., Westfield



“Jenny is an amazing attorney who will fight hard on your behalf. She has empathy for her clients.”
– R.H., West Orange

“Jenny has always helped me through the most difficult times and always fought hard for what was right! She understood my situation from the beginning and always handled my case with compassion and strength. I don’t know how I would get through without her!”
– M.T., Hillsdale

“Mrs. Berse’s confidence, knowledge, professionalism, love for justice and the well being of her clients drives her to do the best in the most ethical and passionate way to ensure her clients receive what under the law is correct.”
– D.V., Roselle Park

“Jenny has consistently gone above and beyond to support me throughout my difficult divorce. She has helped me navigate the legal ins and outs and helped me make the best decisions for myself and my children as I am setting the foundations for a new and better life. She brings not only her extensive legal training but also her considerable personal experience with these kinds of situations, so the viewpoints that she offers are invaluable as I navigate a process that I am completely unfamiliar with. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her guidance and support through this process, and I am very grateful that I was able to retain her as my lawyer.”
– J.Y., Berkeley Heights

“Sam Berse has always handled my case with compassion and strength! Berse Law Firm is amazing! I couldnt get through without them!”
– M.T., Hillsdale

“When Sam walks into a room, you know he’s got his game under control. His incredible knowledge, experience and way to express the rights and concerns of his clients made me feel confident and safe. He worked day and night to ensure my needs were met following every single law ethic, professionalism technique and genuine dedication until the last minute.”
– D.V., Roselle Park

“Jenny & Sam Berse go above and beyond to protect families and offer support to their clients. They’re in your corner fighting alongside you and cheering you on when you need to be strong. They don’t take advantage of their clients and over charge in fees like other law firms. Highly recommend them!”
– J.S., Green Brook