Jenny Berse, Esq., Samuel J. Berse, Esq.

Family Law

Jenny Berse, Esq., Samuel J. Berse, Esq.

Jenny and Samuel J. Berse are dedicated to solving family law matters in courts throughout New Jersey. Jenny opened the firm 16 years ago, and her son, Sam, joined in 2017 after completing coveted family court and appellate division clerkships. The firm fiercely advocates for its clients.

“We’re not intimidated, and we think outside the box and come up with creative solutions and strategies,” says Jenny Berse, who completed 550+ continuing education classes and is trained in mediation and collaborative law. “We’re here for our clients every step of the way and do what it takes to get them what they want.”

The attorneys are committed to providing the highest quality personalized service and pride themselves on 24-hour accessibility and responsiveness. Clients choose Berse Law because of its excellent reputation and history of successfully resolving challenging family law situations.




“Both attorneys Jenny Berse and Sam Berse did an exceptional job in representing my interest as a custodial parent and my child’s in court against a highly litigious ex-spouse. They’re knowledgeable and sensitive to the issues of parents’ rights. Extremely diplomatic in working with the court and adversaries. Aggressive only when needed. Respected by their colleagues. They don’t set unrealistic expectations, but work in integrity—always looking for the best way to keep children safe in a highly litigious matter. My ex had the financial resources to take me to court multiple times. I, however, always had the best representation through these attorneys (whom money couldn’t even buy) to represent my rights and my child’s. In the unfortunate circumstance of litigation, hire Jenny and Sam to do the necessary work in preserving your parental rights. When you’re forced to litigate, go to the best of the BEST, Berse Law!”-T.T., Linden

“She always goes above and beyond and truly cares about my son and I. She’s been involved in my case for seven years now since my son was two weeks old, and literally is like family. My lawyer is so dedicated and hardworking and such an amazing individual. She has such a beautiful heart, but she’s also very smart and knows her stuff! She’ll fight for you like you wouldn’t believe!”-J.D., Newark

“I first used Jenny for her services about seven years ago for family law. When I first met her, she was completely understanding of my situation and genuinely cared. She was by my side through all these years for everything I needed, day or night. She was extremely professional and aggressive in court, and empathetic and like family to me outside of court. I’ve never met an attorney like her. She had quality that was expected and needed in an attorney that I’ve always looked for. Even after one of our court sessions was over, she checked up on me. When I was ready for another hearing, she was right by my side, even if it was a year later. For seven years, she looked out for my best interest and my children’s like they were her own for court. Even though it’s been a couple years since I’ve used her services, I couldn’t imagine walking into a courtroom without her. She made me feel confident, safe and optimistic for what was ahead, and always explained everything to me and did all that I’ve asked of her. She was never like other attorneys I’ve used in the past where they were out for themselves and only wanted my money or for the judgments to go their way. She truly listened to my wants and for that, I’ll be forever grateful and a client for as long as she offers her services.” -J.C., Southampton

“The Berse’s interests are to protect and advocate for our children. They also believe that picking a winning parent means that the children always lose, because children usually need both parents. They focus on the needs of 21st-century families instead of being guided by a 1950s view of the family. The Berses believe and fight for the future generations and believe they should be given tools to deal with adult issues, and that they’ll need to exhibit the right behaviors when they’re married and have children of their own. Great firm!”-S.H., Cranford

“My divorce was extremely difficult and entering that courthouse always had me reeling, but Jenny and Sam always assured me that everything would be okay, and they advocated for me not as just their client, but as an abused woman. I had complete trust in them and knew they always had myself and my children’s best interest as their top priority. My first bits of confidence I regained after my abusive relationship came from them. Seeing them in that courtroom fight for me, I began to fight for myself. They’re more than lawyers; to me, they became my champions.” -A.B., South Plainfield

“Sam is so smart, extremely articulate and so amazing at speaking publicly. He truly studies your case and gets to know you as a person so he’s able to connect with the judge when he represents you. He has a lot of experiences and training, which is the reason that he’s so knowledgeable. I’d recommend Sam Berse to anyone, any day.”-J.D., Newark


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