This March, everything is going to change in the world of waterparks. That’s when Aquatopia is set to open at Camelback Resort (yes, the ski mountain) – so here’s a good five months advance warning about all the begging you are bound to hear.

The new $163 million destination will include a 450-room hotel and a major, gigantic, first-of-its-kind indoor waterpark with seven pools and 13 water slides. The resort will train 120 lifeguards to patrol its shores, and will secretly test them periodically to make sure they remain alert and vigilant. The complex will include a 10,000-foot spa for adults and a mini-spa for kids, plus a two-level arcade, a rock climbing center, a mini golf course and restaurants and bars at nearly every turn.

The cost of your hotel stay includes your waterpark admission – you can also gain admission with a mountain lift ticket. But you can’t day trip here – and that's good news, since there’s nothing worse that an overcrowded water park.

Here’s a digital rendition of what the park will look like, complete with a transparent roof, which will let in all the natural light. 


A map of the attractions – the wave pool is that pretty blue thing in the middle. See all those twists and turns on the bottom right? That's water slide nirvana.


A digital rendering of what the whole complex will look like including the lodge.


Here’s what that lodge looked like this week – lots of work to be done over the next five months!


The main hotel lobby (under construction, clearly) includes beautiful floor to ceiling windows overlooking Camelback mountain. 


Another picture of the beautiful view.


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