Apple Montessori has 15 locations in New Jersey, which include two Hoboken locations, Cliffside Park, Edgewater and Towaco. All offer preschool and kindergarten and many have infant and toddler programs. The school in Wayne includes grades 1-6.

Regional Director Elvira Marut says that while their programs are child-guided, there is a balance. “We don’t push, and we don’t hold them back,” she says. “If a child puts up a roadblock, we work to take that roadblock off and empower them.”

At Apple Montessori, the social-emotional development of the child is imperative.

“We’re building the child’s self-motivation,” says Marut. “If you show them that when you practice you get better at something, it becomes the mindset.”

Through mixed-ages groups, students have the opportunity to practice compassion and kindness, basic skills for thriving in the world. “In kindergarten we teach everything from conflict resolution to public speaking to encourage independence and curiosity,” she says.

During coronavirus, the school focused on keeping the community together and keeping learning alive. “Our teachers became supporters,” says Marut. “We had to listen to parents and adapt quickly,” says Marut.

At Apple, it’s not about giving students the answers but rather, giving them the skills to problem-solve. “I’m always amazed by how our children are creative and great at solving problems,” says Marut. “Being curious and resourceful is huge here. Our students are always asking questions.”

Marut says that while academics are important at Apple, so is the whole child.  “That’s the social-emotional component. Children thrive here. When as a parent, you see that level of success, you run to that school.”

Multiple Locations in NJ

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