Apple Montessori is expanding to 18 locations this year, opening two new locations in East Windsor and Hillsborough. The school offers programs for children 6 weeks to 12 years, with programs varying by location.

“Academics are very important to us and we want each child to become independent and confident in their abilities,” says Regional Director Kellie Capatasto. “We also strive to help children be kind, respectful and curious, with lots of opportunities to explore.”

The Apple Montessori approach allows children to move and grow at their own pace. Teachers guide children as they learn from classmates and exciting new materials within calm and inviting indoor classrooms as well as beautiful outdoor classrooms (at many locations) that encourage exploration and discovery.

“Every child is different, so within a typical program some of the children can get lost while some get bored being taught the same lesson as everyone else. Our program is special because we have opportunities to constantly challenge and pique any child’s interest through self-discovery, from science, geography and math to yoga, art and cooking,” she says.

The program also incorporates computers and coding, STEAM, critical thinking and public speaking skills, and Apple Montessori has become known for its exceptionally strong reading program.

“We’re proud to develop respectful, kind children who are happy to be here but more than ready for the next step when they leave us,” Capatasto says. “Our teachers inspire kids in a safe, loving and caring way that enables them to reach their fullest potential and feel successful.”

Multiple locations in NJ