Mix up family game night with these new spins on the traditional board game


Root Beer Float Challenge

Pop open this can of root beer with a physically interactive game for the whole family. Don’t worry, you won’t have to chug cans of soda, instead you’ll play a host of different competitions (think Minute to Win It, or Double Dare) in order win the pieces of your own float. First one with a completed tasty treat wins!
Root Beer Float Challenge Board Game, $19.99


Harry Potter Labyrinth

This classic maze game, where you use pieces to create a different board each time, is back with a wizarding twist. Now you can get lost at Hogwarts with the likes of Harry, Ron and Hermoine.
Ravensburger Harry Potter Labyrinth, $34.99


Zax The Foam Throwing Axe

Hatchet throwing is all the rage, and now your kids can get in on the action by setting up their own targets around the house or yard. The hatchet is foam and the “blade” is suction cups, which means that its mostly safe for some indoor play.
Zing Zax The Foam Throwing Axe, $12.99


Heads Talk, Tails Walk

So simple that anyone in the family can play. Pair the head of one animal with the body of another and act out the hybrid with this card game.
Heads Talk Tails Walk, $15.99


New Super Luckys Tale

A fox goes on the hunt for the Book of Ages in this Nintendo Switch game.
New Super Lucky’s Tale, $39.99

What are your favorite games to play on family game night? Tell us in the comments.

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