What inspired you to start your business?
My passion for helping you look and feel your personal best through massage therapy, facials, quality skin care, energy therapy and various relaxation and rejuvenation practices to relax, refresh and renew.

What’s your best seller or most requested product or service?

The Microcurrent Face Lifting Treatment uses safe, noninvasive microcurrent technology to rejuvenate and reeducate the muscles of the face, neck and body. This treatment has no downtime and can create a firmer, lighter and brighter complexion.

What was your most memorable experience when you knew your were nailing it?
When my guests emerge from the treatment room with a glow and a smile, I know I made a difference and helped them get their glow on!

What else would you like NJ families to know about you?
We host spa and wellness events to soothe your soul, and Glowing Goddess™ Gatherings to celebrate and honor the goddess within. You can view our updated events on our website. We’d love to host your special occasion.

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