Hanukkah is here and it’s a great time to try a craft project with your kids to decorate the home and get excited for the holiday. Here are a few you can try to celebrate the festival of lights before it ends on Sunday!

Hanukkah Window Art


All you need is some construction paper, tissue paper (of any color), tape and a pair of scissors to create these stained glass creations. They are so pretty, you may want to keep them on your windows all winter long. Pro Tip: Goo Gone works miracles for getting stubborn pieces of tape off of windows when you decide to take them down.

Great idea from: Hands On As We Grow


Hanukkah Garland

This pretty dreidel garland is just shapes cut out of construction or craft paper (then laced together on string or fishing wire) Hang your garland anywhere from your front door to your mantel to your stair railing.

Great idea from: HGTV

Stained Glass Menorah

This one might cost a few dollars to make, but the effect is totally worth it and it’s a project you can take out and use year after year. Buy small glass votive candles and cover the outside (being careful to trim any excess off the top so it doesn’t get near the flame) with modge podge and a variety of colored tissue paper. Light and enjoy!

Great idea from: Makezine


Candy Filled Cookies

Hanukkah cookies done piñata style? Sign us up! All you need is some sugar cookie dough cut into dreidel shapes that you bake and then stack and “glue” three cookies together (hollowing out the middle one) with frosting when you are done. Totally doable, and even easier if you buy pre-made cookie dough from the store.

Great idea from: Tablespoon

Hanukkah Countdown Calendar

Create your own colorful Hanukkah countdown calendar using long ribbons of blue tissue paper and glue. Let the kids cut out funky little Jewish stars and make little brown envelopes that contain a clue about the hidden location of that night’s gift. Something simple like “under the couch” or “behind the chair” make this a fun interactive tradition.

Great idea by: Forty Two Roads

Fingerpaint Menorah

With the help of a little paint, your kids’ handprints can be transformed into a festive Hanukkah card that you’ll treasure for years. The key to making this fingerpainting work as a menorah is having their thumbs overlap to create the middle candle or “shamash.”. Little fingers can paint in yellow flames and can even be used to draw the Star of David.

Great idea from: Mom Endeavors


Glitter Paper Figurines

These festive (and sparkly!) creations are sure to liven up the inside of your house or windows! Get glitter foam paper (or you can use regular foam paper and add the glitter with glue) and let the kids cut out Hanukkah inspired shapes like a star, a dreidel or a candle stick. Half the fun is making fun faces with google eyes!

Great idea from: Creative Jewish Mom

Hanukkah Crown

Make a crown with your kid with the traditional Hanukkah colors of blue and white. Use construction paper to make the crown around their head, and then let them run wild with the decorations. Use anything from pipe cleaners, pom poms, tissue paper or glitter pens!

Great idea from: DLTK Kids