1. I only have eyes for you

Why we love it: Paint, pom-poms and googly eyes? Win.
What you’ll need: cardstock, large pom-poms, washable paints, washable markers, googly eyes, glue
How to make it: Download printable ( and print onto cardstock. Dip a pom-pom into paint and press onto the left side of the card. Make sure all sides are pressed to make a nice oval shape. Add arms and legs using markers. Once the paint has dried, glue on googly eyes. If skipping the printable, make your monster first, then write your message on the card when it’s completely dry.


2. Will zoo be mine?

Why we love it: Safari animals make any Valentine cuter.
What you’ll need: cardboard or heavy cardstock, scissors, safari toy figurines, hole punch, string, felt, glue
How to make it: Cut cardboard or cardstock into 4×6-inch pieces, or buy them already this size. Place an animal figurine (buy them in bulk at the craft store) on the card and punch two holes (one centered on the back and one beneath the legs usually holds best, depending on the shape of the animal). Secure animal to card by tying a tight bow with string. Write or stamp on a note and attach a felt heart with glue for some extra love.


3. Our class would knot be the same without you

Why we love it:  Last year was Rainbow Loom, this year is friendship bracelets—either way, they both fit perfectly in this pretty Valentine.
What you’ll need: cardstock, scalloped circle cutter (optional), hole punch, scissors, embroidery floss, tape
How to make it: Download printable ( onto cardstock. Cut out using a scalloped circle cutter (or skip the scallop design and just cut out in a circle). Punch two holes in the center left and right of the circle, about a half-inch away from the edges. Thread your friendship bracelet through (if you’re doing the classic thread bracelet, it’s three strands of embroidery floss  braided) and secure with tape.


4. A-maze-ing!

Why we love it: Order the mazes in bulk for pennies each (a pack of 72 is $7 at and you’re halfway there.
What you’ll need: cardstock, scissors, heart maze puzzles, hot glue, printer paper, glue stick
How to make it: Cut cardstock into 4×6-inch cards (or buy them this size). Attach a heart maze using hot glue. Cut a 2×3-inch rectangle of printer paper and glue to the cardstock with a glue stick. Write your a-maze-ing message (if you want to type your message, create a 2×3-inch table in Microsoft Word so it’s easier to cut).


5. I saw you and I was hooked

Why we love it: Order this cool fish bowl card design for $5 (five cute sayings per order) and then print up as many as you need.
What you’ll need: cardstock, scissors, clear treat bags, Swedish Fish candy, twist ties
How to make it: Download printables ( and print onto cardstock, cut them out and slide each one into a treat bag (they’re pre-sized to fit perfectly in a 45/8  x 7 1/2-inch size bag). Add a few Swedish Fish, tie them up with a twist and hand them out to the “school.”


6. You’re worth melting for

Why we love it: Your easy answer to the request for a Frozen-themed Valentine—even if most of Olaf gets eaten before he ever gets made.
What you’ll need: marshmallows (regular and mini), mini pretzel sticks, mini M&M’s, mini chocolate chips, candy corn, clear treat bags, cardstock, stapler
How to make it: Add three marshmallows, two mini marshmallows, two mini pretzel sticks, two M&M’s, two mini chocolate chips and one candy corn to the treat bag. Download Olaf printable ( on cardstock or create your own. Staple it closed on top of the treat bag.

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