String Art Heart Ornament

All you need is wood, little finishing nails and string and you can make any adorable shape that you want. Time saving tip? Buy pre-cut shapes from your local craft store. Get a variety of string colors and let the kids go wild.

Great Idea From: Boxy Colonial 


Homemade Clay Ornaments

You likely made salt dough ornaments as a kid, keep that tradition alive, but use this cool homemade clay recipe instead because it looks a little prettier. Grab some cookie cutters to make whatever holiday shape you want, or you could also just let the kids do their handprints, which will make a great tree treasure for years to come.

Great Idea From: Tips From a Typical Mom Blog


Glittery Monogram Mugs

Sharpies and a letter sticker are all you really need to decorate these awesome mugs, use a sharpie made for ceramics and you don’t need to bake them to get the design to stay. These mugs are a great gift for family, teachers or anyone else on your holiday list.

Great Idea From: The Really Fun Stuff


Snowman Soap

Grab some hand soap for this quick project. If you use white you can do a snowman, different colored soaps could be used, red might make a nice santa suit and green might make a cute Grinch. You can use vinyl to make the shapes, though you could easily use stickers or sharpies to get the same effect.

Great Idea From: Keeping It Simple Crafts


Snowmen Thumb Print Ornaments

Grab some of those shatterproof plastic bulbs and paint as you desire. These cute snowmen are made using kid thumbprints, but you could make the prints into Santa's or use brown paint and make some reindeer.

Great Idea From: Plaid Online


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