Water Bottle Bubble Maker

Does trying to get those wands out of the bubble jug drive you crazy?  We have a solution for you. Cut off the top and the bottom of an empty water or soda bottle. Just wait until you and the kids see the size of the bubbles you get this way!

Great idea from: acornpies

Caterpillar Garden Critters

Use an empty egg carton to make some cute little caterpillars! Cut out a strip from the egg carton and decorate as you please with paint or stickers. Then glue on some pipe cleaners and eyes to make it come to life. Your kids will love having an adorable new pet to play with.

Cute idea from: Lakeshore Learning

Recycled Fish Wind Chimes

Grab a fallen branch outside, and (if you’re feeling ambitious) spray-paint it to make it look like a piece of a coral reef. Take a water bottle, twist the back of it for the fish tail, and cover it with squares of colorful tissue paper. Then use water bottles (all twisted up) and some tissue paper to make these cute fish (making giant eyes is key!) Hang them up using yarn, fishing line, or thread.

Awesome idea from: jdaniel4smom 

Echo Owls

Instead of throwing out those cardboard toilet paper rolls, use them for something fun, like these cute owls! You’ll also need bottle caps, buttons, glue, paint, and craft paper.

Cute idea from: ehow 

Recycled Bird Feeders

Recycle and feed the birds at the same time this Earth Day. Get a cardboard toilet paper  roll and spread peanut butter on it. When it’s covered, roll it onto the plate of bird seeds (your kids will love helping with that part). Then put it on a tree branch, and let the birds have a feast.   

Great idea from: Kidskubby

Chia Pet

We love this make-your-own chia pet. It's totally cute and a big money saver compared to  the ones at the store. You'll need an empty soda bottle, a bottlecap, and googly eyes. Fill the new family pet with dirt and add seeds of your choice. Then you and the kids can sit back and watch your plant grow! When it gets too big, transfer it from the plastic bottle to the ground. Then do it all over again!    

Cute idea from: Diyncrafts

Egg Carton Tree

Find an empty egg carton and paint it green, then cut it into pieces. Help the little ones glue the "leaves" onto a piece of paper with a tree trunk painted, and you've got an instant mini-masterpiece. They’ll be so proud of themselves!

Cute idea from: gluedtomycraftsblog 

Tinfoil Robot

What child isn’t fascinated by robots? This ultra easy craft lets your kids make their own! Gather some empty cardboard boxes and toilet paper or paper towel rolls, and cover them with tinfoil. Then attach it all together with tape. Use glue to decorate your robot with buttons, paper, or bottle caps.

Great idea from: sheknows

Mr. Tin Man

Forget Mr. Potato Head — try Mr. Tin Head! Find a tin can and make some holes in the bottom of the can. If you want you can repurpose e the feet of a Mr. Potato Head doll. Use some felt and pipe cleaners to decorate the can. If the kids  feel like giving him hair, get some wheat grass to put in  the can. Eco-friendly and super cute.

Awesome idea from: Deliacreates

Recycled Boats

Grab  some cardboard, masking tape, tinfoil, popsicle sticks, and maybe some Play-doh, and let the kids make their own boats. Then test them in the bathtub to see if they are seaworthy.. Tip: When making these, be sure you either use Play-doh or masking tape. If you use both, the sides will be uneven.

Great idea from:  confessionsofahomeschooler

Recycled Elephants

If you have an old milk or water jug, you’re already halfway there with this adorable craft Encourage your little artists to get  creative with how to decorate their  elephants. They  can go with classic gray or come up with a color and pattern scheme that’s all their  own. Either way, these make fun year-round art that you can keep on display long after Earth Day.

Creative idea from: sparklepetal 

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