Halloween is around the corner and now that Governor Murphy has said that the holiday isn’t canceled, parents everywhere are trying to figure out the safest and most creative way to still give kids a good time but with less person-to-person contact. The Halloween guidelines recommend that parents put grab and go style bags out for trick or treaters, or a bowl that kids can take from to limit interaction. But some families are taking things a step further. Read on for our favorite ways to give and get treats while staying safe!

 ©istockphoto.com / Juanmonino

Build a candy chute
A PVC pipe is all it takes to send candy down the railing to little ghosts and goblins while keeping kids and neighbors safe. Have fun decorating the pipe and watch kids delight in treats coming down the chute!

Go trunk or treating
Considered by some to be a great alternative to going door to door, the best thing to do is form a line of cars (rather than a circle) to limit crowding. Have fun decorating your trunk with a theme and make it a family project.

Make a cute candy box
Your kids’ friends will love picking these up or having them dropped off on their doorstep (no smelling feet, just things that are good to eat!). This one looks totally gourmet, but you can do it as fancy or as casual as you please!

Put up a trick or treat tree
Nope, this tree isn’t for Christmas, but it’s definitely spooky, safe and fun. What could be cooler than kids grabbing goodies off a tree? You can add non-candy items for little ones with allergies, too.

Make a trick or treat box
Fancier than a simple bowl, a trick or treat box is a great way to distribute treats with no contact. Decorate yours however you fancy and then watch from your window as the kids in the neighborhood reach in for a Snickers.

Serve with a slingshot
Someone with a big imagination came up with this idea! What kid wouldn’t want fun-sized treats hurled at them from afar? Just keep your aim low with this one.

Make a pumpkin scavenger hunt
In some neighborhoods, neighbors are placing small pumpkin drawings or decals in their windows. Parents award candy to their kids for each one that they spot. What a great way to still get your kids outside and for them to get treats, too!

Make a snaky slide
This Tim Burton-inspired candy slide will get you thinking creatively when it comes to ways to ferry treats to kids. Whatever character or movie you love, let your inner artist shine, and make a slide that will be remembered for years to come.

Build a scary sneeze guard
If there’s someone in your family who loves to build (and paint) it won’t take long for them to put together a festive board to send candy through like these. Halloween definitely won’t be impersonal when you take the time to make something this cool and fun.

Plant candy lawn sticks
Kids in the neighborhood will love picking treats from your ghoulish garden. It’s the perfect way to do your Halloween decorating and your trick or treating treats all in one!