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Kids Stuck Inside? Here’s How to Keep Them Entertained

Try one of these ideas to keep the kids busy when they can’t go outside.



Make a Gratitude Jar

Gratitude isn't reserved for Thanksgiving—teach them to be thankful year round. Grab a jar (anything will work: tupperware, vase or cup) and explain how it works. Simply write down something or someone you're grateful for so that you can remember all the good things in your life later on. Have the kids share their thanks with one another!

Show them Your Favorite Series

You’ve been waiting for the right time to introduce them to Star Warsmake today the day you pop some popcorn, settle in on the couch and start their Han Solo education. Done that already? Try Harry Potter, the Avengers or Lord of the Rings.

Get Moving!

Redirect the kids’ pent up energy into a way that’s good for them. Try a fitness app like NFL Play 60, Super Stretch Yoga HD, Iron Kids or MotionMaze.

Have a Reading Marathon

There’s nothing better than curling up with a blanket and a good book on the couch when its coming down outside. Go through the book shelf or download a good one from Amazon. When everyone's read a few chapters, have them act out their favorite section.

Have a Family Game Afternoon

Pass the time until the weather gets better with a game of Scrabble, Monopoly or whatever else has been gathering dust on your game shelf. Or, get the whole family in on a Wii tournament (or any other game on the console)—It’s a great excuse to get everyone off the couch (you too, parents).

Think Valentine's Day

What better time than now to start planning your classroom valentines? Try some of our printables, which range from cute classics to LEGOs. He can pick out his favorites and you can get a jumpstart on your February to-do list.

Start Planning Summer

The nice thing about the depths of winter is that its summer camp sign-up season! Use the down time to read through our camp guide with the kids to talk about which camps interest them—we have the scoop on everything from day camps in Jersey to sleepaway camps all over the tri-state.

Pancake Party

If you remembered to hit the grocery store before the bad weather like everyone else in the world, you should have the basic supplies needed to make some fun pancakes. Let the kids go wild with toppings. Chocolate chips, maple syrup, whipped cream, blueberries or anything else fun they can find in the fridge.

Spa Day

Have everyone soak their feet in the bathtub and then grab your nail polish for some mani-pedi time. Go wild with the colors. Then do makeup, hair and maybe even a fashion show. Perhaps you can even convince the kids that a foot massage for you is part of the spa treatment.

Take Advantage of FaceTime and Skype

Make today a catch up day! Let your kids virtually chat with their friends from school or grandparents or anyone. Maybe they can even play some games over the internet, like Guess Who or 20 questions.

Treasure Hunting

Have the kids hang out in their room, while you hide things around the house for them to find. A dollar, a piece of candy or a small craft activity can be their prize when they find it. Maybe even give them some clues or a map. Make it hard to find to keep them busy a while.

Go Camping

Set up the tent in up the living room or make your own tent out of furniture and some sheets. Have the kids get their sleeping bags and camp out. Put a blanket down for a picnic lunch and make s'mores in the fireplace or the microwave.

Make Snow Ice Cream

Take advantage of all that freshly fallen white stuff. You just need vanilla extract, salt, sugar and milk and a bunch of clean snow to make this tasty, fun treat. Full instructions here: Gimme Some Oven.

Put Them to Work

Been meaning to clean out an overstuffed closet, garage or the basement? Let the kids help. Make it fun by offering them rewards for good behavior, and who knows what forgotten toys or treasures they may find inside.

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