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9 DIY Ideas for Descendants-Inspired Costumes

If your kids are obsessed with Descendents 2, they'll likely want to dress as Evie for Halloween. Instead of shelling out dollars at Party City, try these DIY tricks.


How many times have you had to sit through Descendants and the new sequel? Countless? Then we can already guess that the kids will want to dress up as their favorite character from the Disney sequel. But instead of shelling out a ton of cash at the costume shop, take a trip to the Isle of the Lost and create costumes worthy of your little Descendants. Whether your kids are inspired by the villains of the Isle or the royalty of Auradon, send them trick-or-treating in style, dressed as their favorite troublemakers.

Uma-Inspired Wig

photo courtesy Disney Princess Makeup and Toys Youtube channel

Let your inner sea witch out of her shell with this awesome wig tutorial and you'll transform her right into the Descendants’ archrival, Uma.

Full Instructions: Disney Princess Makeup and Toys

Carlos Ensemble

photo courtesy Chris Villain youtube channel

Trick-or-treat as Carlos this year with Cruella-inspired fabrics and hair. With these simple instructions, you can recreate the Descendants’ most lovable character in no time!

Full Instructions: Chris Villain

Evie’s Skirt

photo courtesy silvia snow youtube channel

With just a wave of your wand, you can make Evie’s skirt and pull together a full princess-from-the-Isle ensemble.

Full Instructions: Silvia Snow

Evie’s Hair

photo courtesy princess hairstyles youtube channel

Princess-perfect locks may seem like a lot of work, but this cute braid will have her looking like Evie in no time.

Full Instructions: Princess Hairstyles

Mal’s Auradon Makeup and Hair

photo courtesy of the daya daily youtube channel

If you’re looking for a way for your child’s Descendants costume to stand out, why not create Mal’s super-glam Auradon look? This tutorial is super easy. 

Full Instructions: The Daya Daily

Maleficent’s Staff

photo courtesy the doodlecraft blog

Looking for a simple costume for yourself to go with your little Mal? How about this not-too-hard Maleficent staff? 

Full Instructions: Doodlecraft

Evie Costume

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 3.58.39 PM.png

photo courtesy charisma star youtube channel 

Craft Evie’s incredible look with the help of this tutorial. You may be able to use a lot of supplies from your own wardrobe.

Full Instructions: Charisma Star

Descendants Bracelets

photo courtesy ThriftyJinxy.com

Add this simply-made accessory to your Descendants outfit. Each troublemaker has his or her own signature colors, so make sure to show them off.

Full Instructions: Thrifty Jinxy

Mal’s Spellbook

photo courtesy tiffany bliss youtube channel

Mal doesn’t go anywhere without her spell book, and neither should your little ones. This easy-on-the-wallet tutorial is a must-have.

Full Instructions: Tiffany Bliss

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