I have to admit that since the start of the pandemic I’ve been a little down on virtual classes. With my twins already spending so much time on the computer the idea of also being online during our downtime was not appealing. Instead, we opted for getting outdoors as much as possible and even taking some in-person classes with safety precautions in place.

When I heard about the Goldbelly Live! classes, I was intrigued, mainly because they feature world-renowned chefs Zooming right into your kitchen. One of the classes was with Buddy Valastro of the famous Carlo’s Bakery. A class with the Cake Boss himself sounded like tons of fun and I knew the twins would enjoy making (and eating) the adorable reindeer cake he’d be making with us.

The week of the virtual class we received a big box in the mail containing the cakes and all of the stuff we would need to decorate them. The cake kit had instructions, though Buddy and his wife Lisa would lead us through them during the class so there was nothing we needed to do except get excited.

This class focused on cake decorating, not baking, so our cakes were all set and ready to go. When we logged on, the twins were so excited to see all of the other families joining in from all around the country. We watched as Buddy and Lisa showed us how to make the reindeer’s eyes and nose (red, naturally) out of fondant. We even dipped sticks in chocolate to make the antlers, which hardened up in the freezer after a few minutes.

The one-hour long class flew by as we tried to perfect the reindeer’s features. As we did the piping around the circumference and on the top of the cake, we suddenly felt like expert bakers.

And although our finished products may have looked more like something out of Nailed It! than Cake Boss, we felt super proud of ourselves and accomplished.

My negative thoughts about virtual classes were definitely put aside due to the great model Goldbelly provided. We not only felt a connection seeing Buddy, Lisa and all of the other people taking the class, we also felt closer to each other doing an activity start to finish that allowed us to be creative and work together. The class was anything but passive entertainment – we were up on our feet, working around the table, trying to keep up with the Boss himself and working hard to finish our cakes.

As we dug into our slices of reindeer cake, I knew for certain that Goldbelly LIVE! classes would be a great addition to our list of fun things to do, pandemic or not.

If you’re interested in trying a class, check out some of the upcoming family-friendly options including a pizza making class with Emmy Squared on January 27 which we can’t wait to try!