rent movie theater
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We’re now nine months into the pandemic which means it’s highly likely that you and your family have already binged everything on Netflix, Hulu and Prime. Chances are also good that you’ve spent so many nights (and days) sitting on your couch that there are permanent marks in each person’s “spot.”

Thankfully, some movie chains have come up with a great solution to bust your boredom and get you (safely) out of the house. That’s right, many local theaters are offering up specials where you can rent out the entire movie theater for a safer movie going experience.

With the whole auditorium to yourself, you can see new releases or fan favorites on the big screen without worrying about who else is in the theater. For example, AMC has a promotion where you can rent out the entire movie theater for $99 plus tax.

The deal offers the entire theater for a private screening for up to 20 people total and is advertised as great for “an everyday escape or a celebration to remember.” To make the event even more special, you can rent a microphone to welcome your guests for an additional $100. You’ll get fifteen minutes in the auditorium before the start of the movie. And if you want to get really fancy and do a slideshow or presentation before the movie, that can also be arranged for an additional fee.

A private screening of WW84 starts at $149 and there are plenty of other movies to choose from to see on the big screen.

As theaters across the country have suffered incredible losses while forced to close due to coronavirus, AMC is hoping customers will feel more comfortable seeing a movie in private.

To host a private screening, just fill out the event inquiry form on AMC’s website and someone will contact you asap. You can also call 1-888-740-4262 for more information.

Cinemark is also offering a private watch party option where you can host a screening for up to 20 guests. Prices are listed as in the $99-$149 range and also include discounted prices at the concession stand. You can watch a new release or a classic with your family, closest friends or those in your pandemic “bubble.”

A private screening is definitely a great way to host a birthday party for kids or adults or just a really boss move for date night. Booking a theater is easy – just choose a date, choose your movie from the list of available options and check out!

Renting out a movie theater is not just a safe and fun family activity – it’s a way to ensure that movie theaters stick around so we can still have that great experience of seeing films on the silver screen in our own communities in the future.