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Bring the library to your iPad with Bookboard, an award-winning eBook service designed to keep kids reading! 

Bookboard was created to promote traditional literacy, encourage co–reading and parent/child interaction, and support kids in learning about technology—all valuable early learning skills. Bookboard has a library of over 400 books for kids up to age 12, including "The Berenstain Bears," "Boxcar Children," and Smithsonian Institution series.

Reading should not have limits. Your child’s reading potential should not be limited by the number of books on the shelf. There’s too much to explore, and owning every book your child reads is not practical. Bookboard puts a limitless number of books within reach and makes it simple to find the right content for your child – no matter what they happen to be interested in this week.

Reading should be fun. Bookboard adds a gaming element to reading. It combines our limitless supply of content with a little healthy competition and delivers the entire experience inside a delight-driven tablet that readers of all ages can control.

Reading should build confidence. We believe it is important to provide parents, family members, or teachers with insight into their child’s reading progress. We also look for ways to reinforce and reward good reading habits. Bookboard readers develop confidence from their accomplishments and become self-motivated in their reading.

To enter to win a 3 month Bookboard subscription, tell us—How old your child is and what is their favorite book right now?


This giveaway is for NJ residents only. No purchase is necessary. Deadline to enter is October 31, 2013.

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