As the world evolves, we must change with it and teach our children how to embrace change. Our children are our greatest asset and future world leaders, so we must equip them with the tools, skills, and perspectives they’ll need in this increasingly interconnected world. As parents and educators, it’s our responsibility to expand our children’s horizons and nurture, encourage, and teach them to grow their hearts and minds. It’s beneficial and essential that children are taught a global curriculum at a young age, giving them the understanding and knowledge that will help them become good citizens of the world.

What is a global curriculum?
In early childhood education, a global curriculum introduces students to invaluable information about different cultures, geography, history, and current issues worldwide. It’s taught through a rich, engaging, immersive curriculum and activities, including music and play. Through these experiences, children develop and master valuable skills that will help them engage with and relate to their diverse peers—skills that will last a lifetime.

Why is global education important at a young age?
From birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life. Early brain development has a lasting impact on a child’s learning and success in school and life. The early years are a perfect time to introduce young minds to a global curriculum as an effective way to support students’ holistic academic, social and emotional development. As children enter kindergarten and progress through middle school, global education provides the tools to take purposeful action to improve their own lives and positively relate to and influence the world around them. Teaching children to honor our differences and appreciate the rich diversity of our communities and world will help them understand inclusivity and intercultural literacy. Another advantage is the development of a forward-thinking mindset and advanced critical thinking.

Big Blue Marble Academy’s approach to a global curriculum
Global education and awareness are vital in the 21st century as the world and our communities continue to diversify.  Big Blue Marble Academy, a leader in early childcare and education, is committed to providing children with the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Big Blue Marble Academy teaches children from infancy to 5 years of age to celebrate differences, embrace the importance of inclusivity, and appreciate the rich diversity of the world around us. Their innovative approach to global education is implemented at all 42 of their schools, including a convenient Central New Jersey location in Edison. Learning experiences are designed to scaffold the growth and development of all children through a robust, creative, developmentally appropriate play-based curriculum and STEAM focus areas while incorporating a global perspective. Big Blue Marble Academy has created a program that enables children to explore the globe while nurturing their minds and preparing them for success in kindergarten and beyond.

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Donna Whittaker is Vice President, Curriculum and Education at Big Blue Marble Academy. With over 40 years in early childhood education, her expertise brings a focus on the quality of education for all of our children while enabling teachers to heighten their skills and professional development in classroom instruction.

Most recently, Whittaker served as BBMA Education Director and has delivered tremendous value over the past two-and-a-half years by developing a new curriculum structure and improving the content and cohesiveness of BBMA’s infant, toddler, twos, and preschool curriculum. She also led the development of the Mindfulness and Character program.

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