presidents day mom with baby patrioticIsn't it a treat to see your children light up when they learn something new? At these Presidents' Day weekend events, see their faces beam with pride as they learn how to sign their name with pen and ink, create their own campaign button, or pick up some neat presidential facts to share with friends.

And for those of you staying in this weekend, you can still spend quality time with your family by making presidential finger puppets, paintings, and other art projects. Or, let our Presidents' Day Pinterest board inspire you and your family to make a Pancake Log Cabin, a George Washington Cherry Cobbler, or your very own powdered wig!

So whether you're heading out to one of these Presidents' Day events or celebrating the holiday at home, you never know…you could be inspiring our future president!

The Israel Crane House at the Montclair Historical Society
Montclair, NJ

Feb. 20

Play parlor games that George Washington might have played. Make a powdered wig like John Adams might have worn. Try your hand at signing your name using a quill pen and ink like Thomas Jefferson would have done. Churn butter the way Dolly Madison made it, and more.

Washington Headquarters Museum
Morristown, NJ

Feb. 18

Many stories have been told about the life of George Washington. Some are based on fact, but many are legends. Hear a number of these tales and separate fact from fiction.

Feb. 20

George Washington was the ‘poster boy’ of the late 18th century. Everyone wanted a copy of his image. Learn about Washington while viewing busts and paintings of our first president on a gallery tour of the museum.

Community Children's Museum
Dover, NJ

Feb. 20

Do you know who the president was when John Glenn was an astronaut? Find out at the museum’s Presidents' Day celebration and try out the newly renovated Friendship 7 space capsule that now simulates a real mission with sound effects, visuals, and lots of buttons to push. Throughout the day there will be glove box experiments to try, a space work suit to try on, a chance to see and touch a real replica of a space suit, and make space related crafts to take home.

Newark Museum
Newark, NJ

Feb. 20

What if you were the president of a gallery? Invent games and challenges for other museum visitors to explore your gallery. At 2 pm, Hudson Vagabond Puppets present "Guess Who Signed the Constitution?" Relive history through the eyes of 10-year-old Adam, his grandfather the artist, portraits of the past that come to life, and Adam's grandmother who has a few revolutionary ideas of her own.

Washington Crossing State Park
Titusville, NJ

Feb. 19

Families enjoy colonial music, toys, games, and other activities.

Imagine That!!!
Florham Park, NJ

Feb. 20-21

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and you! Head to the museum for a Presidents' Day-themed crafting event! Head over to craft, then stay and play all day!

Leaving the state this weekend? Why not check out…

The National Constitution Center
Philadelphia, PA

Feb. 18-20

During Presidents' Day weekend, visitors to the center will learn about the role of the president and what it takes to be Commander-in-Chief.  At craft activity tables, children can create campaign buttons, design their own presidential seals, and more. Presidential re-enactors will join the center throughout the weekend to mingle with guests, pose for photos, sign autographs, and discuss their lives and presidencies.

Feb. 1-29

Celebrate Black History Month as well as President's Day by taking a close look at the center's rare printing of the Emancipation Proclamation, signed by Abraham Lincoln. Learn more about its history, the Civil War, and the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. Visitors to the center can participate in a variety of events honoring Black History Month. Call or check the website for daily happenings.

Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden
New York, NY

Feb. 19

Bring the family to celebrate the birthday of our nation's first president with live music and dance just as New Yorkers did in the 19th century. A costumed dance ensemble will perform and teach traditional country dances and encourage visitors to join in. Museum tours and light refreshments included.

Know of any other events honoring our founding fathers? Please share them with us below!