Have you tried eyelash extensions? They’re our new favorite thing. Yes, they require upkeep (every three weeks or so, you need a touch-up), but they are so completely worth it. Here’s why we’re convinced: Extensions make you look like you’re wearing perfectly applied mascara, so you don’t need to wear a stitch of eye makeup—which saves oodles of time every morning. And when you do decide to swipe on a little liner, your eyes go right to red carpet (perfect for date night). Plus, application involves lying down on a bed and having a lash artist flutter gently around your closed eyes. You can nap!

Lash House Beauty Boutique 

250 S Livingston Ave., Livingston
Basic set: $150, 75-minute touch up: $125, 60-minute touch up: $100 and up, 45-minute touch up: $45.


Lure Lash

416 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair 
430 Main St., Metuchen
Basic Set: $99–150, 3-week touch-up: $65-80

Sutra Brow & Lash Bar 

703 Broad St., Shrewsbury
907 Main St., Belmar
Basic Set: $69-299, 3-week touch-up: $65

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