It’s hard to imagine that just a decade ago we moms didn’t have the option to “share” every birthday, baptism or adorable potty-training pic we took. Social media has impacted pretty much everything we do for better and for worse. It’s a place we go to ask those very specific questions (i.e. Which sippy cups with straws don’t leak when left sideways on the floor?), humbly brag about our kids’ achievements and even nervously cop to our parenting insecurities—like a digital slumber party of sorts. It’s also where we vent about being tired and stressed. All. Of. The. Time. Whether we realize it or not, we all have a social media style (and most of us don’t fit just one type). Where do you fall?

1. Your kids trashed their rooms, screamed at each other all day and painted the dog purple. You:

A. post updates throughout the day with embarrassing photos the kids will demand you take down 10 years from now.
B. share a meme about wine.
C. crack a joke, tell the world you love your kids’ spirit and are so #blessed to be their mom.
D. keep your status to one word (“ugh”) with an emoji frown.
E. don’t post anything. You like to keep your updates positive.

2. Your child had some unusual bowel movements. You:

A. describe it in detail and ask if it’s normal.
B. give updates over the course of the day with the latest news about a virus spreading through school.
C. share the history of your little one’s belly issues and celebrate what a trooper she’s been.
D. say, “I’ve never been so grossed out in my life” with no other explanation.
E. call your mom or doctor.

3. Report cards are out. You:

A. freak out about your kid’s grades and ask if anyone knows a good tutor.
B. make sure everyone knows it’s report card day.
C. post how proud you are of your straight-A student.
D. share “J. got his report card.”
E. call your husband to share the news.

4. Your kid fell and had to get a cast. You:

A. share pictures of the broken appendage with daily updates about the healing process.
B. search Pinterest to find cute ways to decorate casts.
C. tell the world how strong your son was through the painful experience.
D. check into your hospital’s ER with a request for others to send good thoughts.
E. post a pic of you and your son holding hands while you wait for the doctor.

5. Your kid is being bullied. How do you react?

A. Ask for advice after sharing details of the incident on Facebook.
B. Post a story about the horrible effects of bullying.
C. Talk about how painful it is to watch your baby go through this.
D. Share a short and sweet update about karma.
E. Talk to the kid’s parent privately.

6. You go to a cute kids’ event and take a bunch of pictures. What do you do with the photos?

A. Post every pic when you get home, even if they all look the same.
B. Share pictures during the event.
C. Post the best shot of your daughter with a caption about how much fun she had.
D. Tell friends you had an epic day.
E. Ask parents not to share pictures of your daughter from the event.

7. Your sister just had a baby and you’re at the hospital with her. You:

A. immediately post about it with the details of the baby’s height, weight and sweet face.
B. pin a bunch of cute crafts you want to make for your new niece.
C. share an update about how her birth takes you back to the best day of your life—when your angel was born.
D. let friends know you’re bursting with joy at the hospital.
E. don’t post anything. You want the new Mom and Dad to be the first ones to share the news on social media.

Mostly As


You aren’t afraid to show the good, the bad and the ugly with nary a filter (photographic or verbal) in sight. We applaud your honesty, but we really didn’t need to see pictures of your baby’s coxsackie sores. We don’t want to know the color of his poop, either. We all have our oversharing moments, but having a permanent record of your kid’s every move on social media may make her uncomfortable one day. (Think of your own mom pulling out your baby book when your first date came over.)

Mostly Bs


Your life is a glorious hodgepodge of heart-shaped melted crayon valentines and homemade banana muffins, accompanied by adorable shots of chubby Crayola-covered fingers and muffin batter-splattered cheeks, of course. You’re also all about sharing every study, article or thoughtful quote you can get your hands on.

Mostly Cs


Your sentiments are pure and genuine, and you sure do love those little munchkins, but sometimes we all wonder: Do you ever want to scream, “Take a nap already!” at your toddler? No, probably not. It can make some of us feel a little insecure about those parenting days that just don’t go the way we want them to.

Mostly Ds


You tend to post ambiguous statements or check into places looking for support and well wishes without following up. When friends express concern, you suggest they privately message you for details. This can be confusing for those with a real interest in keeping up with your life, but good friends understand that sometimes it’s the best you can do on a super-busy day.

Mostly Es


You’re on social media, but you’re careful about what you post. You prefer sharing good news and avoiding social media drama at all costs. You comment on other people’s photos and share articles, but rarely or never post pictures of your child. Your close friends know not to share pictures of your kid without asking you first.