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The typical New Year’s resolutions usually include losing weight, saving more and spending less and maybe taking steps in your career toward that dream job. This year due to the coronavirus pandemic, our resolutions are definitely looking a little different.

New Jersey moms and mamas-to-be told us that they were making more realistic resolutions this January. Some said their goals are to get organized, stay positive and not sweat the small stuff.

Now, according to a new study from Zippia, which used Google search data to find out each state’s New Year’s resolution, it turns out that residents of the Garden State are looking to start therapy as their top priority. And while it’s no surprise that many of us have some issues we might need to talk out after this crazy year, it is interesting that New Jerseyans are more interested in therapy than the other resolutions such as weight loss or getting a raise.

“Using Google Trends, we determined each state’s most popular New Year’s resolution,” said the study authors. “We examined search queries related to common New Year’s resolutions (such as ‘weight training,’ and ‘weight loss.’) From there, we determined each state’s most ‘uniquely searched resolution’ from the list, which means what resolution each state searched for disproportionately more than other states in the U.S from the list of resolutions.”

The study found that therapy is the most popular resolution in 12 states, including New Jersey. Right behind therapy is weight loss, with eight states focusing on getting rid of the “quarantine 15.”

Other resolutions included getting more sleep (Alaska, Kansas, Oregon and Washington) and finding a new job (Texas and Wyoming) and even finding a date (California and a few others!).

Some other states have their focus on reading more books in the new year, meeting new people, quitting drinking and taking a vacation.

If you’re thinking of starting therapy for you and/or your child there are now more options than ever, including telehealth which can bring the benefits of therapy right to your home without having to visit an office.

Are you making resolutions this year? Share them with us and stay on track!