Baby surfing the netHere are personal recommendations from a high-tech new mom:


Wholesome Baby Food

Make your little one’s food from scratch and feel great about it!

Nesting Mode

A site with product reviews for sorting baby registry needs.

Eco Buys

One new eco-friendly baby item is discounted every day at 9 am.

Make local friends with a similar parenting outlook by filling out a questionnaire and then viewing potential matches in your geographic area.


Jersey Moms Blog

Just as it sounds, a blog for Jersey moms by Jersey moms.

O My Family

A young family with two under 2 living in the Midwest, 
complete with crafts and giveaways.

The Feminist Breeder Blog

Looking for a radical, home-birth-after-cesarean and law 
student mom? Get ready for a wild ride and a great read.


This journalist and green mom writes about life as a pregnant parent to a 2-year-old.

Top Baby Blogs

A collection of parenting blogs, with something for everyone.

Smartphone Apps

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

A personalized pregnancy planner complete with baby name dictionary and interactive parent community.

Bishop’s Score

As the due date approaches, this application helps determine the likelihood that labor will start spontaneously or will require induction.

Contraction Timer Deluxe

Track contraction duration and frequency; provides visual graph of contraction trends.

Total Baby

Once baby arrives, track feeding times, diaper changes, and more.

Breast Milk Alcohol Content Calculator

Calculate blood alcohol content based on drink choice and weight to help decide when it is safe to nurse your baby.

What are your favorite "baby" websites, blogs, and smartphone apps? Let us know!