courtesy SEA LIFE Aquarium

There are so many reasons to visit  American Dream again and again when a bunch of the shopping, dining and attractions open next spring. One of the most exciting reasons to bring your crew is the SEA LIFE Aquarium set to open alongside the LEGOLAND Discovery Center New Jersey. We got an early look at what the epic new attraction will look like, and spoiler alert, it’s awesome!

This will be the 50th SEA LIFE Aquarium in the world. While this location will wow with 25,000 square feet of underwater style and more than 3,000 sea creatures, it will also have its own unique flair, boasting a distinct  New York City vibe in more than 10 interactive exhibits.

courtesy New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium

Visitors  will enter through a sensory filled area with a subway driver taking you into the heart of rush hour, and schools of fish and yellow eels that look like taxi cabs. Once you’re inside you’ll be able to check out a Giants (yes, our own New York Giants) themed area filled with touch tanks of sea anemone and starfish. While they might not look like Saquon Barkley, kids can find out why they are dubbed the athletes of the sea.


New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium

The Urban Jungle area will house Red Belly Piranha. Jellies 54 will be a nightclub (with mood lighting) where you can boogie with the jellyfish. In the mangrove area, you’ll see seahorses showing off their best ballet moves. The Reef at Night will be where you can spot clownfish and other friends and learn about coral reefs. The kids will be psyched to walk through the underwater tunnel, where they’ll get a full ocean view and be able to see the underbelly of stingrays, sharks and more.

New Jersey SEA LIFE Aquarium

Our favorite area is Sharks Fish Avenue, a shopping themed area with sharks, of course, but also cleaner shrimp that’ll help you brush up your manicure at the salon if you dare put your hands in. Along the way, kids will learn about all the aquatic creatures, and SEA LIFE has an aim to inspire them to conserve and protect the animals they’ve just met. 

Tickets will be $21/child and $26/adult, with annual passes starting at $69.95 per person, and they’ll be on sale starting Cyber Monday.


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