We have all waited almost three decades for the return of the Sanderson sisters! With the Sept. 30 debut of “Hocus Pocus 2,” fans of Disney, witches and Halloween are eagerly awaiting the return of Winnifred, Mary and Sarah to Salem. If you want to celebrate this season, we rounded up the best costumes and decorations that will make this Halloween magical!

Have you dreamed of looking like the Sanderson sisters? Get your costumes of Sarah, Winnifred and Mary, either for kids or adults, as full costumes or just wigs.

If you’d like to throw a “Hocus Pocus” themed Halloween party, there are cauldrons, plates, utensils, decor and tumblers you can set up.


When the guests arrive, they’ll see a giant inflatable of the three witches saying they’ll “put a spell on you” on your front lawn. Once inflated, it weighs 6 pounds, and measures 4.6 feet high by 6.5 feet wide. There’s also a smaller 3.5-foot Winnifred blowup with her holding a pumpkin.

Or let Binx guard your doorway with a statue. At 11.75 inches high by 9.84 inches wide, the resin figurine is the perfect way to adorn your entranceway.

If you won’t be home for the holiday because you’ll be out trunk-or-treating, decorate your vehicle with banners, balloon, photos props and accessories.

Happy haunting!

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