You know Kidz Bop, that company/group/music empire that changes pop song lyrics to make them more appropriate for kid listening? Well, they screwed up this one. One of the tracks off the Kidz Bop 27 album is Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," and in their attempts to make it more PC, the song  (we assume accidentally) got totally R-rated. Instead of "I'm bringing booty back," Kidz Bop “sanitized” it, and now it sounds like the kids doing this cover are belting out "I'm bringing anal back.” Yea, we did multiple rewinds and that’s what we heard, too . Good one, Kidz Bop.


Apparently it's all a very big, very unfortunate misunderstanding, though (and our minds are all clearly in the gutter). The real line is "I'm bringing it all back." Bet you’ll never listen to this song the same way again.


UPDATE: It appears that Kidz Bop has realized the error in their ways and updated their video with a more clear version of the song. 


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