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The massive, floating Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is one of our favorite kid-friendly spots to visit when it’s open. (Did you know you can get free passes to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum from your library?) But if you are missing seeing the ship in person, the museum is hosting free demonstrations, talks and other programs, including virtual tours. Kids can check out the museum’s YouTube channel to watch more than 300 archival videos and oral histories from those who served aboard the Intrepid.

On Tuesday, June 2 from 1-1:45 pm, students in grades 3-8 can participate in “Amazing Aircraft.” Led by a museum educator, kids will explore aircrafts and create four different paper airplanes to learn how form impacts function. Participants will need four pieces of paper and can register here.

Later on, students ages 8-18 can learn about aviation science from 3-3:45 pm. In this lesson, students will discuss the parts of a plane and how nature influences shape and design. Educators will demonstrate the four forces of light and create their own simple flying machines based on learned concepts. Students can register here.

Covering the customs and values of different cultures across the world, Intrepid Celebrations will teach grades 3-8 how festivities were held on the Intrepid. This event will take place on Wednesday, June 3 from 1-1:45 pm. Kids interested in learning about the similarities between celebrations in their own communities and a Navy ship can register here.

Middle and high School students can take a virtual tour of the Space Shuttle Pavilion on Thursday, June 4, from 1-1:45 pm. The museum will also discuss the Intrepid’s role in the Space Race missions. Register here.

On Friday, June 5 from 1-1:45 pm, grades 7-12 can participate in a virtual lesson about the Intrepid in the Pacific during World War II. Museum educators will use images and oral histories to discuss the Intrepid’s involvement in battles like the Battle of the Philippines and the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Register here.

Interested students can also mark their calendars for Friday, June 26, for a virtual homeschool day about adventures in aviation from 1-3 pm. Eric Boehm, curator of aviation and aircraft restoration, will lead lessons on aircraft design, the four forces of flight and a STEM-based aircraft design activity. Registration will open in mid-June.

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