Victory Public Relations

Andrea Samacicia Mullan, Founder


What inspired you to start your business?

The inspiration for VPR was that the lifestyle I envisioned for myself included both career and family. In my roles prior, I didn’t see how I would be able to pursue my professional ambitions while also being the present mother I wanted to be for myself and my family. That was back in 2009–years before I had my kids!

What sets your PR firm apart?

Victory Public Relations provides custom, prestige public relations campaigns to increase awareness and generate valuable buzz for our clients and the brands they power. To do that, we hone in on their most important messages, define their target audiences and develop a strategy for distribution of that message to media outlets their audience is tuned in to. When you see a story about a local business doing something exciting on the news or an expert quoted in a story in a national magazine or in a website article, you’re witnessing the work of a publicist. I’m proud of how VPR combines the best of what our largest and smallest competitors offer by providing the results – and process driven experience that is typical of larger agencies, as well as the agility and creativity more common amongst smaller businesses or freelancers.

What do you love most about what you do?

There was a time when I did it all. That’s not the case today: VPR has an amazing and incredibly talented team of publicists and a managing director. As a result I’m left to do what I love most these days, which is developing strategies to help both our clients’ brands grow, as well as our own! I also love to give pep talks, whether it’s because of a challenge we’re facing along with everyone else (hello, COVID and working motherhood) or the result of growth we’re pursuing.

What are you best known for?

We’ve become known for our ability to get press for anyone or any brand. Some of the best work we do is for clients who have no upcoming launches or breaking news—we love making the news!

What was your most memorable experience with a client?

I love when a campaign plays out exactly as we said it would, something that happens quite frequently but only recently have our clients told us that! PR is sometimes a slow burn, but when a group of press starts hitting that reinforces a client’s most important key messages, it’s a very exciting feeling for both my team and the client. It never gets old!

How do you juggle family and work demands?

The truth is that I just try my best! Even so, I often find that I’m overcommitted, or that I feel like I’m falling short in one of these two categories. What’s worked best for me over the years is ensuring that I have my priorities in order and understanding that mine may differ from someone else’s.

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