School-age girl holding a large valentineThe options for fantastic valentines for kids to give to classmates are endless: store bought or handmade, with anything from lollipops, candy, pencils, or Play Doh. If you're going to the handmade route, here are some ideas for kids of all ages (mostly easy, but a few that are more time-consuming are included as well):


Making memorable valentines for a toddler exchange at preschool or with friends can be simple and fun:

  • Handprint Valentines: Trace your child's hand on red construction paper and cut out. Add a Valentine's Day message, and you're done.
  • Monster Valentines: Help your child draw a monster and then glue on a googly eye. Add the message "I've had my eye on you Valentine." Full instructions and a few fun variations can be found at Make and Takes.
  • Play Doh Valentines: Affix circle labels to Play Doh containers printed with the message " 'Doh' You Want to be My Valentine?" Printable labels and full instructions available at Random Thoughts of a Super Mom.
  • Love Juice Valentines: This creative idea attaches the valentine card to a bottle of water and a powdered drink single. The recipients get to make their own love juice (moms get to clean-up the spills). Full instructions and free printable labels at Tater Tots and Jello.

Elementary School

There are so many great ideas for school-age kids, and most will enjoy helping to make their cards. I've also included a lot of puns, since kids this age usually fine them so, well,  punny.

  • "Super" Valentines: These valentines transform a lollipop into a super hero with a paper mask and paper cape. Add  "Have a Super Valentine's Day!" to your super hero's cape. Head over to Zakka Life for full directions and a printable template for the cape.
  • Have a Ball Valentines:  Affix a ball with a glue dot to a construction paper card and write "Have a Ball on Valentine's Day!" or "You Make My Heart Bounce!" Or, make a version with the ball contained in a small cellophane bag. Free printable download and directions available at The Crafting Chicks.
  • Pencil Valentines: Cut out a construction heart, tape on a pencil or thread it through holes on either side of the Valentine card with the message "You're Just Write for Me!" There's a gorgeous version from The Write Start that uses carpenter pencils.
  • Magnifying Glass Valentines: Make magnifying glass valentines with the line "I've had my eyes on you!" Full directions at Dandee Designs, as well as free printable downloads for this one and a similar version as well.

Tweens and Teens

My tweens are very picky about what can and cannot be written on their valentines, but there were still a few messages they thought were perfect:

  • You Rock Valentines: Rock candy, chocolate rocks, Pop Rocks, or polished gemstones will all work for this Valentine. Just put your rocks of choice in a small cellophane bag and write "You Rock!" and you're done. Full directions at Martha Stewart.  
  • Mad Lib Valentines: This valentine couldn't be easier, or more perfect for tweens. Design Mom tells you exactly how to make them yourself, as well as providing a free printable with tween-approved messages like "You have mad skillz."
  • Cell Phone Valentines: With the message "U R GR-8," these cell phone valentines are more cool than sweet. A panel of nine candy dots make the perfect dial pad. Learn how to make them yourself at Dandee Designs.

New Jersey Family's Valentine's Day Pinterest BoardBelieve it or not, these are just a few of the many great ideas for Valentine's Day cards. There are so many more ideas on our Valentine's Day Pinterest Board. And, check out these  Long-Distance Valentines, as well as even more free Printables Perfect for Valentines. And, if you need to take a treat to your child's class Valentine's Day party, make a batch of Red Velvet Love Cupcakes.

If you've got even more ideas, please share!