At Union Regional Catholic High School, students are prepared for the real world in a diverse co-educational environment that focuses on helping them become global citizens. Celebrating its 60th anniversary, the school strives to help students fulfill their college and career goals within a value-centered environment that’s committed to the core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, community and compassion.


“Our greatest accomplishment is watching just how much our students transform throughout four years of high school, which is typically a tumultuous time in everyone’s lives,” says Director of Enrollment and Retention Jane Bowman. “Whether it’s taking honors courses or becoming as a first generation graduate, each student’s personal successes are celebrated here.”

Union Catholic provides students with a truly individualized educational experience, from choosing classes that match their personal strengths and weaknesses to 26 varsity sports and more than 50 clubs and activities. “The opportunities that students have here are truly limitless,” Bowman says. “Our families love the fact that students can create and customize everything they do.”

New this year, the school is taking that customization one step further by implementing a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach to instruction. “It might mean that not every student is sitting down to take a test, but instead demonstrating their grasp of the material via a group project instead,” she explains. “It’s just another way to expand the customized education that we value so much—and we know our students value it, too.”


Union Catholic families also value the community feel of the school, where many alumni return to work and faculty and staff make the effort to connect with each and every student on a personal level. The school is also dedicated to giving back to the community; students regularly participate in charity drives and other initiatives that further the school’s commitment to social justice.

“Everyone is welcome here, and we’re proud to be a place where students come to grow as individuals and really find themselves,” Bowman says. “The best feedback we get is about our supportive community and opportunities for students to develop their individuality and discover their unique interests.”

1600 Martine Ave., Scotch Plains