Avengers Origins: Assemble ipad appBefore the theatrical release of Marvel’s The Avengers, fans can enjoy two new storybook apps inspired by the original marvel comics written by Stan Lee: Avengers Origins: Hulk and Avengers Origins: Assemble! Kids can read along with Lee as he relives the epic origins of the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor.

“Because Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are two of my favorite characters, it’s exciting to see their stories as Super Heroes come to life in digital storybook form just a few weeks before the release of Marvel’s The Avengers movie,” said Stan Lee. “They are a great prologue for kids, taking them back to the beginning—revealing how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes assembled to fight foes so powerful that no single Super Hero could defeat them.”

Avengers Origins: Hulk ipad appAvengers Origins: Hulk is a multifaceted read-along app allowing children ages 4-10 to follow Lee’s story narration of Dr. Bruce Banner’s epic transformation into the Incredible Hulk. With detailed artwork and animation, comic fans can enjoy this multi-dimensional app through a variety of interactive touch-screen activities, including roaring, transforming into the Hulk, and testing the Hulk’s strength by breaking through walls, stopping tanks, and more.

The Avengers Origins: Assemble! app serves as the perfect introduction to exciting Super Heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and more. Kids can read along with Lee, match heroic accessories with each Super Hero, use Thor’s powers and the Hulk’s strength to stop the Atlanteans and Namor, and melt the ice to free Captain America from his frozen prison!

Avengers Origins: Hulk and Avengers Origins: Assemble! apps from Disney Publishing Worldwide are available for $1.99 each from the App Store on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch or at the iTunes app store. The Amazing Spider-Man: An Origin Story is available on the app store for $3.99. 

Which super heros do your kids like? Will you be going to see Marvel's The Avengers movie?