In honor of Earth Day, preschoolers will enjoy these top five tips from "Sid the Science Kid". He teaches little ones how to be gentler to the environment and care for our precious resources.

1. Don’t Waste Water

We can save water by turning off the sink faucet while brushing our teeth, telling an adult if the faucet is leaking, not filling the bath tub to the very top, and flushing the toilet only once.

After discovering that water is a precious resource, Sid says: “Today we learned that we can only use a teeny part of the water that’s in the world, so we have to try to not waste water!”

2. Reduce Air Pollution

Engines create dirty air also known as air pollution.  We can reduce air pollution by riding bikes and walking instead of using a car.

After realizing that choices can be made to reduce air pollution, Sid says: “If we stop our air from getting dirty in the first place, well then we won’t have to worry about cleaning it later!”

3. Plant a Tree

Trees are beautiful and they are useful in so many ways. One of the most important things they do is help clean the air we breathe. Do your part by planting a tree, and water trees and plants to help keep our air clean.

When Sid and his classmates learn that trees take in dirty air and breathe out clean air, Sid says: “We all need clean air to breathe, so I’ll take care of trees and put new ones in the ground whenever I can!”

4. Recycle

We can recycle objects made of glass, paper and plastic because they can be made into something new! Separate all recyclable products from the trash and take them to a recycling center.

After learning how old materials can be made into new objects, Sid says: “Today in school I learned all about recycling. It’s a way to reuse things so we don’t put more trash in landfills!”

5. Preserve Animal Habitats

A habitat is a place outdoors where animals live and find food and shelter. Everything in the habitat is connected, so be careful not to disrupt the surroundings when you share their space.  If we interfere with a habitat, the animals’ homes could be destroyed!

When the tree stump in Sid’s yard might get removed, Sid says: “I’m glad we saved the stump because it is an important part of the backyard habitat. And the little creatures on the stump couldn’t speak for themselves—I’m glad that I could!”

New episodes premiere on PBS KIDS in celebration of Environment & Habitat Week, April 18–22, featuring four half-hour episodes that commemorate Earth Day (check local listings).