‘Tis the SeasonAs I write this, I’m debating whether to break out the Christmas decorations from the attic. It’s only November 10, but the holiday memes have already started on Facebook—Have you figured out your Santa’s helper name yet? Also, I’m pretty sure hanging lights would make my 5-year-old ecstatic. (Leave it to the precocious Keith to point out that none of the neighbors have up their Halloween adornments anymore. “Mommy? Can we get out the ‘seasonal’ decorations?” [Verbatim.] 

Keith’s raring to break out the lights, the stockings, the whole bit. “Is it too early to get a tree?” he asks. “Let’s wait until after Thanksgiving, okay?” “Allllright. Show me on your fingers how many more days?” [Also verbatim.] And little Nate has already mentioned Santa’s elves once or twice…

By the time you read this, the holiday season will be in full swing. (And hopefully I will have replaced all those plastic rats on my front stoop with twinkling white lights.) I’m super excited, due in no small part to working with the team on our collection of “holiday fun”—everything from our first-ever comprehensive Gift Guide, curated by resident toy guru, Anna Sandler, to tips for cutting down and decorating your very own local evergreen. Don’t forget our absolutely fab Holiday Giveaway—30+ gifts you can enter to win every day from Dec. 1–15. (I envy the fact that you guys get to enter this, FYI.)

It’s also time for “NJ’s Favorite Kids’ Docs, ” our fifth annual list of exceptional pediatric healthcare providers who have been nominated by and for you, our readers. “The List,” unveiled every December, is the largest mom-to-mom referral of its kind. Every, single doctor listed in these pages has been recommended by moms and dads like you for their knowledge, empathy, compassion, skill… (Check out the testimonials at njfamily.com/thelist.) ‘Tis the season to give back to those who look after our children’s health. And from everyone here at New Jersey Family, I send out a great big thank you to those who care for our kids (almost) as much as we do.

Don’t forget to enter our holiday contests—We can’t wait to see your seasonal lights and edible favorites. Send us your best at njfamily.com/win. And, in the meantime, I’ll go take the bats and witches out of the windows.