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You’ve gotten that second vaccine and are ready to flash that around to get yourself a free donut, right? Well, yes, but make sure to take care of the actual card since there is talk of that vaccination card being used for travel both internationally and domestically, for passports and at potentially other destinations or venues.

Before you protect that card, make sure to protect your personal info. Don’t post pics of your card online. It’s exciting after a year of pandemic lockdown to feel one step closer to normal, but scammy people can use your name and personal information on the card for fraudulent purposes. If you absolutely need that snapped photo on your social feed, make sure to cover up any identifying personal details.

That being said, you absolutely should take a photo of the card, to keep for your personal records in case you lose your card. The CDC recommends taking a photo and making a copy of both the front and back of the card. While many states have your vaccination recorded in their system, down the road you may need a booster and be elsewhere or at a different location. Keep copies tucked away with your other important documents.

You might be tempted to laminate that card, and that is an option Office Depot is offering to do that for free, but I was advised against that. The nurse that administered my vaccine said I shouldn’t since the card might be needed for a booster down the road. Having the card they can update by writing on it, shows which vaccine you got (Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson) so a booster of the same variety could be administered. An option is to laminate a copy instead of the original and keep it in your purse for those free Krispy Kreme days. Or you can buy a vaccine card protector–there are some affordable ones on Amazon–so you can remove the card when necessary.

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