Tip Top Thinkamajig by Dr. Donna BenedettiTip Top Thinkamajigs (Jottings Press, 2012) is a collection of short poems that encourage children to wonder and think about what's possible in the world. With playful illustrations and a guide for parents and teachers, this book offers thought-provoking adventures for readers of all ages.

The humorous poems included in the book Tip Top Thinkamajigs cover topics such as dreams, fiction versus reality, perceptions, human and non-human intelligence, feelings and relationships. Author Dr. Donna Benedetti says the playful illustrations also address the diversity of children, make otherwise challenging topics easily accessible.

“I want children, parents, and educators to feel comfortable about doing something usually left to college students and philosophy professors,” Benedetti says. “I’d like parents and educators to view this book as an easy and entertaining way to introduce children to critical thinking.”