Courtesy of Lacey Township website

Summer fun just got a whole lot more bouncy! Lacey Twp. has taken all the fun of a bounce house and put it on water with their new inflatable water park, set to open June 29.

The Ocean county town has added this ginormous floater to Lake Barnegat, and intends on charging Lacey beach badge holders $10 for an hour, and $15 for an hour of play to non-holders. (Residents can also rent the set for kids’ birthday parties.) The park will be open seven days a week, from noon-4 pm.

The inflatable park will be available to swimmers ages 8 and up, and life vests will be required for your lil’ fun-seekers (if you don’t have one, the township will provide one for free). The set provides opportunities for sliding, crawling and bouncing across various obstacles, like the guard tower, monkey bars, balance beams and more.

And you don’t need to worry about your kids’ safety (you can check out water safety tips here). The inflatables will be firmly anchored to the lake bottom (in about 7 feet of water), and only 45 people can be on the inflatable at any given time. There’ll also be four lifeguards on the inflatables at all times, according to

Courtesy of Lacey Township website

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