Somewhat Simple Thanksgiving Handprint CookieEvery year I try to cook Thanksgiving dinner while my kids try to "help." This year, I'm getting smart and setting them up with fun crafts to do that will also be giving me some "help" with the table decoration.

Here are three great Thanksgiving projects for kids of all ages:

1. Make place cards

Kids of any age can help make fun and festive cards for your Thanksgiving table. Ideas can be simple (writing names on folded pieces of card stock or construction paper, then decorating) or more elaborate—add craft supplies like glitter, buttons, or stickers. You can also print out place cards for kids to color. Other fun place card options are cards slotted into pine cones, cookies with the names written in icing (from Almost Simple—shown in photo) and these cute hand-print turkeys.

2. Create a festive centerpiece

Children can work together to make a beautiful—and meaningful—centerpiece for your holiday table. A Thanksgiving Tree of thanks can be made by attaching paper leaves to branches, with each child being able to create his own leaf to add to the tree. Older kids could "interview" relatives and create leaves for them to be added to the tree as well. And, another good idea is to make a centerpiece out of craft supplies—ensuring younger kids are entertained when it's meal time.

3. Decorate and personalize drinking glasses

Older kids will be best suited for this project creating special glasses for each guest. There are many decorative options that will work to personalize drinking glasses, including adding beads (use glue dots to affix), decorating with permanent markers, or applying chalkboard paint so names can be written as well as special messages of thanks. And as long as you have the chalkboard paint out, you could also set-up a chalkboard on an easel for everyone to add their own Thanksgiving wishes, or even add a chalkboard runner of thanks to your table.

What are your ideas to keep the kids busy and helpful at Thanksgiving?