Have you ever looked at those flaps on the shoulders of her baby onesies and wondered what they were for? Did you chalk it up to design? Or a spot to put your fingers while pulling the onesie over baby’s head? And no, it has nothing to do with making onesies easier to hang in a closet, either. It’s actually none of these.

It turns out the flaps have a clever intended purpose: They help you pull the onesie downwards over baby’s legs rather than trying to get it over her head, which means you can easily get her out of a mess. And trust us—there will be tons of ’em.

What a genius concept. Why dont onesies come with instruction manuals so we could’ve saved ourselves so much time trying not to wake a sweaty sleeping baby with spit up all over her?

So, next time you’re dealing with baby spit up (or worse) all over her, you won’t need to wake her when you stretch those flaps to get the baby onesies down and off. Genius!

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