Photo courtesy The Egg House Facebook page

An egg-celent art exhibition is coming to Manhattan next month. The Egg House, home to a fictional egg by the name of Ellis, is an egg-themed interactive experience. Each room hatches colorful surprises at every turn that kids and Instagram-obsessed adults will love this vividly beautiful experience.

The egg house is more than just an interactive pop-up, since its creative aesthetic appeal makes it an art gallery of sorts, too. The exhibition is the brainchild of talented art students from NYU, Parsons, School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute, which would explain the jaw-dropping visuals. The kids will be wowed by bright fried egg clouds, a glowing green garden, a posh palm tree-clad swimming pool and a mod pastel kitchen.

Here’s what to know about Ellis: he’s an egg who lives on the Lower East Side, new to the big city and well aware of the loneliness living there can bring. So he’s chasing his dream of becoming part of something big, and inviting your crew to his stunning crib for an epic egg-venture.


While he sleeps, your fam egg-splores. Head to Ellis’ foyer, where your little chickies can play with responsive sunny side up eggs. Then visit the kitchen, complete with an oversized egg carton and a shell on the counter. Nest up in one of the giant eggshell swings in the whimsical garden, full of eggs jutting from the walls and other play things. Venture to the pool, which is a ball pit chock-full of…well, you know. Last one in is a rotten egg! There’s even a mysterious secret room that you can discover once you get there…as long as you’re not too chicken.

There’s more fun to look forward to at The Egg House, too, like a gift shop, surprise food samples and egg-themed merch. You can even chow down on breakfast grub at Egg Shop or egg waffle ice cream at Eggloo.


The Egg House will run from April 7 to June 27, and will be located at 195 Chrystie St. Don’t scramble to get tickets (by 30-minute time slots); get crackin’ early and purchase online ASAP (only two weeks of dates available for booking at a time). Tix range from $12-18.