You’ve got old standards like Monopoly and Jenga for your stay at the shore this summer, but you’ll want to add a new themed shark game to the mix, too.JAWS is a strategy board game (think a cross between  Battleship and RISK) based on the iconic movie. 

The blockbuster movie may be 45 years old, but your tweens will love playing this game, where one player gets to be the shark circling Amity Island while others are crew members. You’ll have to try and find where the shark will attack next while using cards and tokens to save swimmers. 


The game is played in two parts. Once you finish the beach bound shark attack side, you flip the board over and play out in the open ocean around the famed Orca boat. Just want to play “Act 2”?  You’ll skip ahead to the “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” section of the game. 


We’re also kind of obsessed with the shark game piece … in a threatening Great White Shark on a mission kind of way. 

This Ravensberger game is available exclusively at Target for $29.99. 

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