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Isn’t it frustrating that your teen is constantly glued to her phone, but somehow takes hours to answer your text? And when she does, she’s reluctant to tell you where she is? In 2017, a dad in the UK invented an app to make sure that never happens again.

ReplyASAP, currently only available for Android phones, will essentially disable your kid’s phone until they respond to your message. If you need to get in touch, send a text via the app and it’ll take over the whole screen until the message is read. That’s right: The only way your kid can get back to Snapchatting is by responding to you first. Best part? As soon as your message reaches their phone, you’ll get their location sent right to your phone (just make sure they allow location access for the app in their phone settings first).

Now, your teen’s already thinking, “I’ll just say my phone was on silent.” Hate to break it to you, kids, but the app will sound an alarm until the message is interacted with—even if your phone is on silent or vibrate. Oh, and if they think they can avoid you by deleting the app, you’ll be notified immediately.

The app isn’t free, but you can connect to one person for just .99 euro (about $1.14 in USD), and up to four for just 2.49 euro (about $2.86 in USD). But messages are free to send. They can also be scheduled to send at a future time instead of immediately.

The app was made with the creator’s own teen son in mind, but it also works from grown-up to grown-up (think everything from last minute plan changes to car troubles). Anytime you need someone to look at their phone immediately, the app will work its magic. We can't wait for it to come to iPhones (hopefully!).