It can be difficult to explain to your kids why they have to wear a face covering every time they go out in public, especially when many adults don’t always comply with mask wearing rules. Enter Erica Rabner, a singer and songwriter who is using her talents to compose catchy songs that encourage children to take the proper precautions; especially wearing their masks!

“Mask on, put your mask on,” Rabner sings.

“I wear a mask for my grandpa, and to protect my mom, for my baby brother who’s to small to put one on, I wear a mask for my teachers and my older neighbors for my best friends and even total strangers…”

“My mask is colorful, my mask is beautiful…”

“Mask On” is the second music video released from Erica’s upcoming release, The Covid Album. At the suggestion of a pediatrician, she wrote this song back at the start of the pandemic, and it has now gained popularity across the United States with many schools playing “Mask On” as a morning ritual for those young students who are attending school in person.

While getting your children to cooperate with COVID safety rules can seem impossible, seeing other children abide by the “mask mandate” can be a huge motivator. In the music video, children from all over the country excitedly show off their masks, whether brightly colored, glittery, embellished with a cool design or simply handmade. This video could be extremely helpful to those parents who are struggling to find ways to motivate their children to wear their masks and take other preventative measure. Watch the video for “Mask On” below, and hear songs from The Covid Album here.