In honor of Mother’s Day, LawnStarter compared 180 of the biggest US cities to rank 2022’s Best Cities for New Moms.

The study looked at more than 40 mom-friendliness factors, such as OB/GYN and pediatrician access, strength of breastfeeding laws, childcare costs and new-mom groups. Two cities in New Jersey made the top 10! Check out the top 35 on the list:

  1. Orange, CA
  2. Boston, MA
  3. Portland, OR
  4. Jersey City, NJ
  5. San Francisco, CA
  6. Salem, OR
  7. Eugene, OR
  8. Paterson, NJ
  9. Yonkers, NY
  10. Bellevue, WA
  11. Freemont, CA
  12. Pasadena, CA
  13. Fullerton, CA
  14. Salinas, CA
  15. Irvine, CA
  16. Sunnyvale, CA
  17. Vancouver, WA
  18. Torrance, CA
  19. New York, NY
  20. Huntington Beach, CA
  21. Seattle, WA
  22. Sacramento, CA
  23. Hayward, CA
  24. Elk Grove, CA
  25. Worcester, MA
  26. San Jose, CA
  27. Spokane, WA
  28. Rochester, NY
  29. Sioux Falls, SD
  30. Bridgeport, CT
  31. Glendale, CA
  32. Garden Grove, CA
  33. Oakland, CA
  34. Naperville, IL
  35. Newark, NJ

Jersey City, which took the number 4 spot on the list, is known for being a family-friendly place, so it’s not surprising that new moms feel welcome here. With great places to stroll like Liberty State Park and fun events like Smorgasburg new moms will feel surrounded by community in this cool city. With great parks and indoor playgrounds, Paterson is another great choice for new moms. This city ranked high for excellent maternity care. Both NJ cities ranked high in the category of social support.

Newark came in at number 35 on the list, and we’ve always loved the culture, great food and pretty cherry blossoms on our day trips.

The study also looked at cost of living, laws supporting moms such as paid leave and wage support during pregnancy and childbirth, safe home and outdoor environments and childcare costs.

Click here for the full list and make sure to celebrate being a mom this week, wherever you reside!

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