While mailboxes this time of year are usually filled with photo cards of families in matching Christmas jammies, or pics from sunny vacations that they took during the year, 2020 has proven to be anything but normal. So families are having a little bit of fun with some of the year’s common themes of social distancing, lack of toilet paper and just general suckage. Here are a few of our favorites .

This family is making the most of the dumpster fire of a year with their roasted marshmallows:

This one says goodbye to this bizarre year (and the General Lee) in Thelma and Louise fashion.

And ode to this year, if you will…

Our staff got in on the action with some social distancing fun, Grinch-style.


And just honoring the trainwreck of a year in the most appropriate way with a Zoom inspired card.



Some places are even selling cute cards (if you want to send out your own New Year’s cards)

Or this one from the Dottie and Caro Etsy shop


Or a new twist on the Peanuts classic from Red Bubble.