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Baby names can be fun, old-fashioned or modern, and there’s nothing more interesting (or telling about a culture!) than tracking the trends to see which ones are in favor. Nameberry came up with predictions for the hottest baby name trends of 2022 and some of the monikers on this list will definitely surprise you.

Trend #1: Playful names — Would you name your baby, Baby? Apparently, some parents (fans of Dirty Dancing?) are picking up on this trend. Other playful names include Buddy, Lucky, Pixie and Honey.

Trend #2: Nature names — We’ve all been spending more time in the great outdoors during the pandemic so it makes sense that some people would name their kids Prairie, Dune, Reef and Forest.

Trend #3: Bridgerton names — Names inspired by the hot Netflix series are on the rise! Look for babies to be named Daphne, Simon and Benedict.

Trend #4: Nonbinary boy names — Artemis, Echo and Nyx are some more traditionally feminine names parents may choose for boys.

Trend #5: Spirit names — Veda, Rishi and Reverie are names that reflect parents’ aspirations for their babes and are trending in a big way.

Trend #6: Names that end in “s”-– Banks, Wells and Emrys will be making the class list!

Trend #7: Retro names — Betty, Bobby and Louie are lovely names from another era.

Trend #8: Musical names — Aria, Lyric and Rhythm are all melodious names for babies.

Trend #9: Unisex “R” names — Calling your child Riot, Revel or Rogue will certainly make a big impression.

Trend #10: Euro-chic names — American parents are looking to Europe for inspiration and coming up with names such as Dimitri, Laszlo and Petra for their newborns.

Which trend can you get behind? Tell us in the comments.