If you’ve been to Spirit Halloween this season, you know it has a variety of awesome new costumes. From sweet to downright scary, there’s something for everyone who loves to dress up for Halloween. We think the only thing more adorable than kids dressed up for the holiday is when families coordinate their costumes together. This year, there are some real winners, starting with caffeine-fueled family costumes from Dunkin’.

If you have a little Munchkin of your own at home, these costumes are just too cute to pass up. We can see kids fighting over who gets to be the pink sprinkle doughnut, too. And for parents who literally run on coffee, it’s so appropriate.

Another sweet costume idea is this one with both adult and kid sizes of the characters from Lilo & Stitch.

If your life feels like a three-ring circus, why not dress up as a circus family this year?

The little tigers could not be any cuter!

You and your crew will be the hit of the Halloween party if you come dressed up as SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man.

For fans of Beetlejuice, they have a striped suit or dress option for the kids’ Beetlejuice costumes and even a Lydia Deetz costume for mom!

Going as a Ghostbusters family is always a classic and the Janine costume is on point: “We got one!!!”

If you actually have an adult Halloween party to attend, or you just want to make a splash at the school during the parade, come dressed in these cheesy costumes from Cheetos.

No doubt about it, mom and dad are coming in hot this Halloween!