If you’ve been to Long Beach Island in the summer with the kids, chances are you’ve visited Fantasy Island Amusement Park. This charming family-run amusement park is filled with new fun just for 2021 and it all starts with their completely renovated arcade.

The newly revamped 12,000 sq. ft. space features a coinless and ticketless operating system. Simply load a card with funds, and then let the kids roam the arcade playing what they like. Any tickets that they win will be added to their cards so no need to worry if they lose them, or forget them at home when you want to go back if you’re staying for a week, month or the summer. This is great if you’ve got concerns about germs, and will allow the kids to save up for some of the bigger prizes.


They’ve got a lot of new and innovative ways to earn those tickets, from a digital bowling game that will take your Skee-Ball skills to the next level to some fast and flashy games inspired by your favorite games, shows and movies, like Plinko and Monopoly.

And they’ve still got racing games and old-school Skee-Ball fun, but it’s the old games with new looks that really make this place special. The modern twist on Space Invaders is pretty epic, with a massive screen, vibrating chairs and big guns to shoot aliens, making this a really cool and addictive game. We got a chance to play and we also loved the Minions themed Whac-A-Mole, where you try and only bop the purple minions on their heads, and you lose points for hitting the yellow ones.


If you want grabby claw machines, they’ve got a ton. Taking up an entire lengthy wall (and then some) of this new space, these claw machines are filled with plushies, tickets and some really cool prizes.

Outside of the arcade, the amusement park has gotten an upgrade over the past couple of years, including some new rides. This summer, guests can try out their brand new Himalaya. The ice cream shop has had a makeover as well, and the park owners are really excited for a return to summer fun. The arcade is open now, and rides reopen this weekend on May 22.

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