all photos Courtesy of LEGOLAND New York


Everything is truly awesome for New Jersey LEGO fans! On top of the LEGOLAND Discovery Centers in Westchester and Philadelphia, soon you’ll be able to visit the largest LEGOLAND in the world in nearby Goshen, NY. The Orange County town is a little more than an hour north of NYC, but if you don’t want to make the drive, this LEGOLAND locale will be accessible by Coach buses out of Port Authority once it opens in spring 2020, making it a shoo-in for your must-visit list.

We got the chance to see the 150-acre construction site, which will feature a resort, amusement park and eight separate lands of LEGO fun. Yup, there’ll be a resort so LEGO lovers can have year-round building fun and stay the night. While the hotel will be open year-round, the park will be open seasonally from spring to fall.

Watch a birds-eye view from our helicopter tour of the park below!

Wanna know more? While only the mini LEGO model version of the park exists at the moment (and it looks super fun), once open, the eight lands to explore will be:

The Factory, a brand new entrance ride custom-made just for this park, which will make guests feel like they've been turned into a minifigure.

Bricktopia, where your mini-me can build anything they can imagine, then put their creations to the test on an Earthquake Table. This land will also include a cute spinning teacup-style ride.

NINJAGO Training Center, where they can show off their best Spinjitzu moves on an interactive ride where they'll be pitted against the Great Devourer.

Heartlake City, where they can make new friends…LEGO Friends, that is. There's a sweet balloon ride over the cute town, and this is the spot where you can snag LEGOLAND's fave park treat: Granny's Apple Fries.

Knight's Kingdom, where the kids (and you!) can ride the dragon coaster, but don't panic: Thrill rides at LEGOLAND are billed as pink knuckle rides (as opposed to the white knuckle drops on monster coasters like Kingda Ka), so they’re perfect for first time riders or parents who prefer not to be launched out of a rocket at 80 mph. In addition, there's a dragon rider school where kids can teach baby dragons how to fly. Super adorbs.

LEGO City a realistic  town complete with firefighters, police officers and the LEGO driving school, the home to one of our fave rides where kids can get behind the wheel and even snag a license.

Pirate Shores, a spot full of swashbuckling adventures and some more dizzying rides that’ll make you feel like you’re on a boat in the high seas.

Miniland, aka where we’d spend the whole day day if the kids would let us. It’s where LEGO's team of Master Builders show off their hard work in the form of scale model interactive cities you can walk through. It's like a miniature cross country road trip!

Get excited for 2020!